Board of Trustees

2017 - 2018

  • Rick Cowan of Cambridgeport, Chair
  • Curtis (Tony) Coven of Westminster West
  • John Field of Putney
  • John Foster of Westminster West
  • Robert Gay of Springfield
  • Elaine Gordon of Westminster
  • James Jordan of Westminster West
  • Alison M. Latham of Westminster, Treasurer
  • James (Silos) Roberts of Rockingham, Assistant Treasurer
  • Susan Roman of Westminster West
  • Vanessa Stern of Westminster
  • Andrew L. Toepfer of Athens
  • Sarah Waldo of Westminster West, Vice Chair
  • Mary “Molly” Wilson of Westminster, Secretary
  • Paul Wilson of Cambridgeport

WHPA Board Retreat 2012

Andy Toepfer and Silos Roberts at Windmill Hill Pinnacle Board Retreat 2017