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West Hill Grinder

Sunday, September 24, 10 or 11 AM, depending upon bike route chosen.
This is not a race, but is a great way to see the countryside.  Spread the word. 

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“A Gift Remembering a
Special Place and Friend”

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Marion Berry and Her Bequest

Saxtons River Valley
Trails Initiative

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Additions & Updates

New Trail Use Requests

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New Strategic Plan

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Trail Guides Available

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Planned Giving Opportunities with Vermont Community Foundation

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Proposed Trail from Athens
to Saxtons River

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Welcome to the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association!

The 2017 Annual West Hill Grinder will be a benefit for WHPA

Photo by Todd Miller

ATTENTION ALL BIKERS: The West Hill Shop is offering a spectacular way to enjoy the countryside and some of Pinnacle’s trails. As a thank-you to WHPA for conserving land and making its trails accessible to hikers and bikers, West Hill is making Pinnacle the beneficiary of its 2017 West Hill Grinder on Sunday September 24. Information about the event, routes available, registration deadlines, and equipment necessary is at; search for West Hill Grinder.  

Please spread the word about this amazing opportunity. Read more here.

The Pinnacle is the highest and most scenic peak (+/-1683 feet) in Westminster, Vermont. It is located on the Windmill Ridge, straddling the Brookline/Westminster line. The view from the Pinnacle overlooks Hedgehog Gulf in Brookline and westward to Mount Snow and Stratton Mountain, over 20 miles away.

The dream of conserving the Pinnacle developed as a use of the Jamie Latham Memorial Fund, established in November 1991 to honor a young man who had loved this beautiful spot. From this beginning, the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association was formed. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that has expanded its land-conservation efforts, linked and extended trail systems, inspired dedicated volunteers, and fostered effective partnerships.

Pinnacle lands — with the inclusion of additions in the Bald Hill and Athens Dome areas — now consist of 1,938 +/- acres in Rockingham, Athens, Grafton, Brookline, and Westminster. These publicly-accessible lands include a 25-mile hiking trail system and wildlife sanctuary.

We invite you to experience these beautiful places, help us protect these special habitats, and introduce these lands to others through our recreational and educational programs. As you investigate our website and learn more, we hope you will become an ardent supporter of the Pinnacle Association and our important conservation work.  

© 2017 WHPA

For any age, at any time of the year, Creature Rock off Ledge Road Trail is a favorite place to explore, enjoy, and learn. David Sobel will discuss why outdoor play is so important for children and how to both encourage and integrate those learning experiences in his September 14 program entitled “Wet Sneakers and Middy Clothes: The Importance of Nature-Based Play and Education.” Read more here.